Memory requirements of “browsing-the-calendar” operation

August 6, 2008

These operations:

  1. Opening Evolution
  2. Browsing through the calendar (going back about 30 months)
  3. Closing Evolution

generated more than 180 live queries:

Browsing cache analysis

Cache size

and caused that heap of EDS process grew by more 2,5 MB on my testing calendar:


Heap grew by more than 2.5 MB


  • Going back by month in Evolution generated 5 live queries (for day, week, work week, month and list view)
  • One can notice, that not all queries were freed, when I closed Evolution. However, I verified, that only live queries generated by evolution-alarm-notify process were not freed. This process stays alive even when Evolution is closed.
  • The first increment of heap size  (from 506K to 8180K) is caused by opening Evolution (opening calendar).
  • The next smaller increments of heap size are due to live queries.
  • The last decrement is caused by closing Evolution.

2 Responses to “Memory requirements of “browsing-the-calendar” operation”

  1. didrocks said

    Hum, interesting post.

    What are exactly the two commands used to analyze the queries and your EDS process?

  2. slusnys said

    I added logging to EDS and implemented Python utility that processes created logs. This way I can analyze queries. Everything can be downloaded from my repository.

    To watch heap of eds process, I used memprof.

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